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Engin Dortler Shipyard Tamir Bakım
Engin Dortler Shipyard


Engin Dortler Shipyard


Our more than 35 years experience and accumulated knowledge in ship repair and maintenance has determined the contemporary route of our current success and continuity of our enterprise who provided the services at the level of the best workmanship quality.

As ENGİN DORTLER SHIPYARD, we are completely equipped to handle the maintenance and repair of various types of marine vessels, up to maximum of 2500 DWT, 82m in length, 12m in breadth on our repair slipway. We also perform afloat repairs for the vessel up to 9000 DWT, 130m in length, 16m in breadth around the three sides of the pontoon which is 30 m in length, 10 m in breadth located on our coast.

Since 1985 till now, we have repaired average of 50 ships annually..